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SA Tourism's annual campaign is a massive hit - among those who know about it...

As a Proudly South African travel provider, Barking Wild is part of Sho't Left Travel Week and it's disheartening to discover that most South Africans - both within and outside of the travel trade - haven't heard about it or the ongoing Sho't Left campaign.

Being an avid fan of South Africa and the amazing opportunities that this country has on offer in terms of travel destinations and activities, it's hard to understand why so few people are aware of the Sho't Left Platform and Travel Week. SA Tourism spends a great deal annually on marketing South Africa as a destination, educating those in the trade who sell the destination and getting SA on the map for South Africans.

While it's a commonly known fact that a great deal of those of us who can afford to travel choose to do so beyond our borders, there is still a massive percentage of people who travel within South Africa - often more than once a year. So why would a platform such as this, offering outstanding deals to the public, not be made better use of? Perhaps there is a marketing gap that needs to be filled or the marketing isn't reaching the right people?

Barking Wild's Sho't Left Travel Week offering

In light of Travel Week still being in full swing - it's not too late to book the best that Mzanzi has to offer so here are our top 3 reasons for taking advantage of Sho't Left Travel Week.

1. Providers you can trust.

All travel suppliers listed on the Sho't Left Website have been vetted by SA Tourism and you need to have a business registration number in order to advertise. This means the risk of fly-by-night operators duping the public is zero.

2. Up to 50% off

Travel suppliers secure special deals from hotels, lodges and other establishments in South Africa specifically for Sho't Left Travel Week. This means that you can get massive discounts off premium products during the sale.

3. Support local travel

By travelling locally, you're supporting an industry that provides 1.5 million jobs in this country and contributes R4.25bn in revenue to the economy.

it ain't over till it's over

Once Sho't Left Travel Week has run it's course, it's not over for SA Travellers. The Sho't Left website is permanently filled to the brim with amazing travel deals in all 9 provinces so even if you miss out on this year's sale, you'll still find your dream holiday at a great price for the other 358 days of the year.

Chantelle has a passion for South Africa and travel - why else would she open her own travel business selling the best that SA has to offer?

We'd love your feedback in the comments section: have ever heard of Sho't Left, used the platform or know of someone who has?

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