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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Some people say that travel is a luxury - & I suppose to an extent it is - but I prefer to view it as a necessity because the experiences gained from a trip are invaluable.

nothing beats hitting the open road

get your motor running

Ah, road trips. Any South African knows all about the long road to the sea. Padkos, stopping for pee breaks & fuel at the Ultra City & ensuring we had enough tapes in the car so we never ran out of tunes was an integral part of everyone's life until air travel became mainstream.

As I grow older I start to appreciate the road there more & more. While I'm also dead keen to get into my wet suit for the first dive, I'm also about appreciating the scenery along the way. We have such an amazing country & taking in the view from the car is just as interesting & exciting as arriving at the destination.

blokes on bikes - a common site along our highways

Aside from the benefits of taking in the scenery, a road trip is a more affordable way to take the family away & the popularity of chucking your tent in the boot or hooking up the caravan & heading out for the weekend is ever increasing. I enjoy playing a game of "spot the holiday-makers" when we're out on the road & let me tell you, there are loads!


Camping & self-catering has grown in popularity not just due to affordability but because it provides an authentic travel experience. Leaving Netflix & fibre at home means that conversations can happen - real dialogue & personal connection - without all the digital distractions that plague our daily life. Being outdoors has opened up an entirely new world for kids & adults alike & it's inspiring to see people enjoying it so much!

our favourite things

Being seasoned in "roughing it" we've come to love a few spots in South Africa & Sodwana Bay, Pilanesberg & Kruger Park are our all time favourite hangouts. Each ticking the boxes of either pristine diving or excellent game viewing, we frequent them a few times a year & try to get away at least every two months for some down time & fresh air. The road to each makes for great road trip & I'd like to share the 3 top landmarks for each with you.

Jozini dam from the N2 - en route to Sodwana Bay

Not only is this the mark for the last stretch to the coastline, it's also an awe inspiring sight when you're driving for 30 minutes next to the same dam at 120km/h. Do the math - that's one serious dam! I enjoy not only the beautiful rolling plains that meet up with the water's edge but the dramatic backdrop of Jozini pass in the background. We've actually been taking the pass on our trips this year so the vantage point is slightly different but just as beautiful.

Joubert & Seuns padstal - en route to southern Kruger National Park

I don't know much about citrus farms but I'm guessing this is one of the biggest in the country. After driving for over an hour past plantations on both sides of the road, you arrive at this padstal which is renowned for outstanding citrus products like freshly squeezed orange juice, citrus inspired sauces, fresh oranges and naartjies - you name it. Stopping here is a treat & you'll need to be prepared to spend because there are just way too many yummy goods to choose from & you have to try them all!

the most curious cemetery

Once you're on the N4 towards Rustenburg there is a massive plot of land that got my curiosity going a few years ago & it was only until recently that we discovered this is going to be a massive cemetery. Plots for sale in an upmarket burial ground in the middle of nowhere. Quite odd I would say, but each to their own I guess?

Turns out I'll be taking a road trip with the parental units this weekend - off to Marloth Park & hopefully Kruger to see some wild dog pups - keep an eye on our social media accounts for updates!

Wherever the road may take you, enjoy the sights & sounds, revel in the little things. No two journeys are alike!

Share in the comments where your favourite spots to stop are, we'd love to hear about some new ones that we can try on our next trip out.

Chantelle loves taking time out to regroup & be away from it all. Fortunately she has found a partner with the same passion for the outdoors so there are never any arguments about where to go!

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