Currently over 8 000 predators, mostly lion & cheetah, are being held in captivity in South Africa to be used in canned hunting as well as exploitative tourism activities such as cub petting, ‘walking with lions’ attractions & volunteer tourism.​

The Blood Lions ‘Born to Live Wild’ tourism campaign & pledge has been signed by over 170 tourism operators from around the world, including Barking Wild. By signing the Born to Live Wild pledge, we commit to not knowingly support any operator that contributes to the cycle of captive breeding, canned hunting & commercial exploitation of wild animals. This includes all petting & ‘walking with lion’ tourist attractions & any other interactions.



Brewing Company

Coral Divers

Whether you're just learning to dive or have logged hundreds, Coral Divers in Sodwana Bay is for you. This amazing lodge not only ensures sheer diving pleasure for guests but also gives back to the local community by providing, full training, long-term employment & upliftment.

It's not just about leisure either, if you're planning a gap year check out their internships where you can go from zero to instructor within a year & open up a whole new underwater world of opportunities.


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UNTAMED Brewing Company

Did you know you can help save the endangered African Wild Dog / Painted Dog simply by drinking beer? Yes, we said BEER!


UNTAMED Brewing Company takes their two passions, beer & wildlife conservation, to the extreme. Through their project called BEER4BEASTS™ and their partnership with Painted Dog Conservation Inc they are donating 50 cents from every beer sold to the conservation of this incredibly endangered yet remarkable species.


Join this like minded community of UNTAMED beer lovers & enjoy their great craft beer while knowing that you have contributed to the conservation of our endangered African wildlife.