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Is it safe in South Africa?

Is anywhere safe these days? Like anywhere else, it's advisable to be aware of your surroundings & not take unecesary risks in terms of going to areas that have been flagged as dangerous. It's safer not to walk alone at night or flash valuable items or cash around. Our advice is to be careful, stay in your group & use your instincts when approached by strangers.

What animals are there in South Africa?

Aside from household pets like cats, dogs, birds etc, South Africa is fortunate to have over 100 000 species of animals, plants & fungi & more being discovered all the time! Our wildlife reserves are vast & viewing varies between them as some will have animals that others do not. It's important to note that game viewing is not just about seeing the big 5, although this is exciting. There are many other highly endangered and rare species such as Sable Antelope, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, Pel's Fishing Owl (to name a few) that are very much worth seeing & should be added to your bucket list. Some smaller reserves offer better opportunities to see certain species outside of the Big 5. Contrary to what you might believe, wild animals do not ordinarily roam in the streets, although there have been isolated incidents such as this recent one.

How many airports does South Africa have?

Too many to list! The main airports are located in Johannesburg, Durban & Cape Town and there are numerous other smaller airports all over the country. Most of the destinations you will travel to will have an airport nearby or at least near enough for an accepatble drive time to your hotel or lodge.

What language do South Africans speak?

There are estimated to be about 35 languages & dialects native to Southern Africa. In South Africa we have 11 official languages - yup, that's right - but you will be able to communicate with anyone using English as this is the offical first language. Afrikaans is also widely spoken along with Xhosa and isiZulu. Tour guides and lodge staff will always communicate in English.

What are the roads like in South Africa?

For the most part, our highways and other main roads are excellent although it is important to be careful of potholes and other road damage in certain areas. Large vehicles such as trucks often cause damage to the tarmac but it is not common for this damage to be so severe that you aren;t able to traverse it in a sedan or hatchback. If travelling to more remote areas, it is advisable to opt for a 4x4 or utility sports vehicle rental rather than a vehicle with low ground clearance. We'll guide on what's best for your itinerary.

What is food like in South Africa?

Tasty & loads of it! We love our food here & having so many cultures together in one country means that we have an enormous range of foods on offer. Everything from spicy food, to Asian food to African delicacies such as pap & vleis to the good old fashioned braai. We cater to anyone's taste in South Africa.

What's the weather like in South Africa?

This varies from region to region & per season. South Africa is a big country so you will find microclimates everywhere you go. The north tends to be very dry & hot for most of the year, scroching in summer & in winter mild days but chilly nights. The central regions are fairly temperate - cool in winter, hot in summer. The south is known for heavy winds & adverse weather conditions, changing from one monent to the next. Coastal areas very with the east cost being mostly humid & warm while the west coast is more windy & cool.

Is Coronavirus in South Africa?

Unfortunately South Africa has been affected by a few isolated cases. However, health professionals and the government are ensuring the safety of all local citizens and international guests by taking stringent measures with infections and the liklihood of an outreak is minimal.