Passionate about wildlife,

serious about conservation,

focused on sustainability

"Take only photographs,

leave only footprints"

I used to tell my friends that if I could give it all up and live in a hut in the bush or on a beach somewhere I'd be the happiest person on earth. But as we all know, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans” and so I now live my dream in a different way.  


A lifetime spent in nature, coupled with over a decade of working in the travel industry, and a deep passion for education have led me down a path where I aim to enrich lives by sharing my knowledge & insights on how to ethically enjoy the experiences that our precious Earth has to offer, but doing so in the most eco-friendly & sustainable way possible.


Barking Wild is more than just a lifestyle guide. We support small, like minded local businesses with the aim of giving back to the community & our planet.


This website is a place to meet like-minded people, share knowledge and ideas about wildlife and conservation and to enjoy the experiences and memories we’ve created in the great outdoors.


We can’t wait for you to #gooutsideandplay